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Is Our Water Safe to Drink?
Drinking WaterSafe drinking water depends on a variety of chemical and biological factors regulated by a number of local, state, and federal agencies. [Future Portal]

Is it Safe to Swim in Our Waters? SwimmingSwimming safety of our waters is linked to the levels of pathogens that have the potential to cause disease. Learn more >>

Is it Safe to Eat Fish and Shellfish From our Waters?
FishAquatic organisms are able to accumulate certain pollutants from the water in which they live, sometimes reaching levels that could harm consumers. Learn more >>
Are Our Aquatic Ecosystems Healthy?
Birds in PondThe health of fish and other aquatic organisms and communities depends on the chemical, physical, and biological quality of the waters in which they live. Learn more >>

Are Harmful Algal Booms Affecting Our Waters?
Salt FlatsHarmful algal blooms can make water unsafe for swimming and other recreational activities. The toxins they produce can harm pets, livestock, and people. Learn more >>

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Monitoring Council Logo The Monitoring Council seeks to provide multiple perspectives on water quality information and to highlight existing data gaps and inconsistencies in data collection and interpretation. Learn more >>