California Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network

A statewide forum for members of the monitoring community to share ideas, successes and common concerns.


The California Water Quality Monitoring Council is partnering with the Water Boards' Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program, Non-Point Source Program, and US Environmental Protection Agency to launch a monthly Webinar to support monitoring community activities.

The Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network (WQMCN) is a voluntary monthly Webinar that allows members of the monitoring community to network and exchange information and ideas on topic of interest. The Webinar format, content, and topics of interest will vary in response to input from participants. Sessions are planned to share technical and support tools for monitoring, assessment and reporting; to encourage discussion on common concerns like information management and program development; and to provide a forum for networking and collaboration.

It is envisioned that the Collaboration Network will help support a state framework to coordinate consistent and scientifically defensible methods and strategies for improving water quality monitoring, assessment, and reporting.


The following regional and citizen monitoring efforts currently participate in this collaborative effort


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