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Satellite CyanoHAB Map

This map displays estimated amounts of cyanobacteria in large water bodies calculated from satellite imagery. The map includes approximately 250 waterbodies in California large enough to be detected by the satellite. It is designed as a screening level analysis tool. For example, if the satellite shows a potential bloom, this can prompt field verification and sampling to confirm the status of a potential cyanobacteria harmful algal bloom. Decisions for health advisory postings will be made based on results from water quality samples. No regulatory decisions, or signage postings, should occur based solely on information from the map. More information about freshwater harmful algal blooms can be found at: mywaterquality.ca.gov/habs

Important information about the satellite map:

  • The map shows estimates of cyanobacterial abundance near the surface of a waterbody.
  • The map does not show any information about toxin concentrations and public health advisories.
  • The map shows data collected over a 10-day window and does not display real-time conditions at a waterbody.
  • All data on the map are currently considered provisional.

Contact cyanoHAB.reports@waterboards.ca.gov with any questions regarding the map Etc.

View the satellite data.

View the cyanobacterial data
Disclaimer: In no event shall the creators, custodians, or distributors of this information be liable for any damages arising out of its use. These data are not legal documents or of survey quality and are not intended to be used as such. Although effort has been made to produce error-free and complete data, all geographic information has limitations due to the scale, resolution, date and interpretation of the original source materials. Data may be subject to change without prior notification. We request that the use of these data in any map, publication, or report should cite the data source(s) used and give proper attribution and credit to the originators of the data.

Archived Data

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