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For guidance on the WRAMP framework for monitoring and assessment, visit our WRAMP webpage...

The California Wetland Monitoring Workgroup's mission is to improve the monitoring and assessment of wetland and riparian resources by developing a comprehensive stream, wetland, and riparian area monitoring plan for California and through increasing coordination and cooperation among local, state, and federal agencies, tribes, and non-governmental organizations. The workgroup reviews technical and policy aspects of wetland monitoring tool development, implementation and use of data to improve wetland management in California.


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What is WRAMP?

The Wetland and Riparian Area Monitoring Plan (WRAMP) is a plan for comprehensive monitoring and assessment of aquatic resources using a watershed or landscape context. WRAMP, like U.S.EPA's three-tier monitoring and assessment framework, includes three levels of assessment and analysis, and provides the framework for making these three levels of assessment work together in the analysis of the overall condition and viability of aquatic resources within a watershed. Although WRAMP has been applied to support a watershed approach to wetland and stream protection in California, the framework can be adjusted to generally support ecosystem and habitat planning, assessment, monitoring, and reporting.

The WRAMP toolset continues to grow with ongoing guidance from the user community. It’s unlikely that anyone will use all three levels all the time.  Project planners should apply the parts that fit best for the project, using the guidance provided by CWMW.

A thorough explanation of the WRAMP's framework can be found on our WRAMP web page.

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Note: Beginning in 2011, CWMW meetings became quarterly.




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