Data Management Workgroup

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As they work to bring data together from disparate systems, conduct broad-based assessments, and deliver the resulting information to decision makers and the public via the My Water Quality Website, all of the Monitoring Council's theme-specific workgroups encounter similar data management, web development, and geospatial information system (GIS) issues. The Data Management workgroup will establish the overall approach to transform existing data management systems into a distributed system of databases, catalogs, and assessment and mapping tools to enable users to access data, metadata, and assessment products from a single entry point, or web portal. As defined in the Council’s Comprehensive Strategy, a key responsibility of the data management workgroup is to ensure that the theme-specific workgroups:

  • Meticulously define their data requirements.
  • Identify data requirements that cut across multiple themes and that therefore should be coordinated.
  • Employ data management strategies that comply with appropriate national and state guidelines.
  • Have a well-established mechanism for communicating data management issues to a body with overall responsibility for oversight and support of individual themes’ data management efforts.

The goal is to achieve only that degree of standardization necessary to meet users’ needs. In addition to looking inward toward the theme-specific workgroups, the Monitoring Council’s Data Management Workgroup will look outward to other partners within and outside of state government to ensure that the Monitoring Council’s data management strategy aligns with State and Federal initiatives and takes advantage of opportunities to utilize useful tools and approaches developed elsewhere.

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