Healthy Watersheds Partnership

mountainous stream
Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

The Healthy Watersheds Partnership (HWP) is devoted to monitoring and assessing the conditions of California’s stream and river ecosystems and making that information available to the public, resource managers and decision makers. Our purpose is to support the protection of California’s healthy rivers, streams and lakes and the restoration of threatened and impaired watersheds. This is accomplished by providing and generating objective and unbiased science and technical resources centered on watershed process and function, aquatic ecosystem biodiversity, and integrated assessment data and information (See the HWP Assessment page for more details). The HWP is coordinating with the U.S.EPA’s Healthy Watershed Initiative, a nationwide effort to identify and protect healthy watersheds.

Please see our Strategic Plan (coming soon!) for more details.

Become a HWP Member!

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in contributing to the protection and restoration of California’s unique and biodiverse watersheds!

Membership Benefits:

  • Chance to connect with potential collaborators
  • Opportunity to participate in integrated assessment tool development
  • Access to multiple datasets
  • Contribute to science and resources supporting protection and restoration of California’s watersheds

To join the HWP contact HWP Co-Chair Ali Dunn at

Participating members include:

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